Ben&Anna Equality-Toothbrush

The problem:

Every year countless used toothbrushes “disappear” into the sea, and that is a huge amount of plastic! his plastic does not rot and therefore remains on our planet for decades, threatening the flora and fauna.

Infinite amounts of fossil fuels are wasted for this purpose and in just a few decades these resources will be exhausted for good In addition to a serious waste problem, people consume excessive quantities of essential raw materials which are not available in unlimited quantities.

The solution:

Some problems are easy to solve:

Just a few small changes are needed to make this huge waste and resource problem much smaller and bring tremendous benefits to people, the environment and the whole planet!

Ben & Anna toothbrushes are made of environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo.We only use the fast growing Moso bamboo. It does not require fertilizers or harmful pesticides, nor is it a habitat or food source for pandas, so their territories are not endangered. With very low water consumption it is also an impressive oxygen producer. Its natural antibacterial properties and the strong structure of its material make this natural resource particularly sustainable, safe and ecologically valuable. FSC certification is a matter of course. The brush heads are made of BPA-free, recycled nylon and thus once again support sustainability. Even though this small amount of nylon used is not biodegradable, we still consider a plastic saving of a full 96% per toothbrush to be convincing.

Nevertheless, our search for an even better material for our brush heads continues!

Equality und Sustainability:

We at Ben & Anna stand for more equality and respect for people, animals and the environment, no more and no less! This has inspired us to create our Ben & Anna Equality toothbrushes. Brush with love and joy! Create a sustainable and equal world, for which the slogan is: “It’s not WHAT you are, but WHO you are!

Ben loves Anna *** Anna loves Ben *** Anna loves Anna *** Anna loves Anna *** Ben loves Ben ***..

and we love the whole world!


The packaging of the Equality toothbrush is made of sustainable kraft paper.


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