We from Ben&ANNA

…were and are still looking for a couples of years now , inspired in Berlin our hometown, but now

arrived in the hessisch region- Our new Home. We started to begin with ourselves: How do we live now… and how do we wanna live?

The Answer to that is easy and clear: sustainability, vegan, plastic-free. We stand for Sustainability. We want to inspire, persuade and encourage people to think about their consume behavior. We want to build more awareness on Natural Products. Therefore we took matters in our own hands and started experimenting with Soda Bicarbonate and valuable essential oils since it they were known for their germ reducing effects. So we launched our Deodorants in six different Scents Which are based on 100% natural ingredients, Vegan, no aluminum, and cruelty-free. Exactly what we stand for. And since we think everything trough, we replaced the plastic material of our deodorants to Papertubes. The Next Step were Dencal Care products. The Results: Toothpaste and Toothpowder in glas jars based on 100% natural Ingredients for a long-lasting natural white smile.


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