The vegan soap tablet “hand cloud” and the plastic-free soap dispenser “cloud dispenser”.

This is not about washing your hands, but about a real revolution! We at BEN&ANNA always want to go one step further towards more sustainability in everyday life and less plastic waste in the bathroom. That’s why we dedicated our product development to the hand washing revolution – after all, hand washing is one of the most common processes in our everyday lives. The more sustainable we make something that we do several times a day, the greater the positive effect on our environment and the closer we can get to our goal of “zero waste”.

With the new ” hand cloud” soap tablets and the matching foam soap dispenser “cloud dispenser” you can now make your own sustainable soap foam. The principle is very simple: You dissolve one “hand cloud” soap tablet in 100 ml of water in the refillable “cloud dispenser”. The special pump mechanism of the dispenser creates an incomparably fine-pored soap foam that is wonderfully delicate and as fine as a cloud on the hand.

And the soap foam smells heavenly of lemon in the variety “Sunrise” or the fruity scent of raspberry in the variety “Purple Sky”. Your hands are mildly cleaned and naturally cared for with every wash.

Despite all innovation in product development, our mission towards more sustainability and naturalness in cosmetic products remains: Therefore, our new “hand cloud” soap tablets are also 100% vegan, certified natural cosmetics and in completely biodegradable packaging. The cloud dispenser itself is made of durable and easy-to-clean amber glass, and for the pump cap we rely on robust stainless steel. This not only looks classy, but is also particularly resource-friendly thanks to its easy handling and the possibility of refilling. So together we are making a lasting contribution to a more sustainable lifestyle and a cleaner environment. You too can become part of the hand washing revolution and make your own “hand cloud”!

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