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.. would like to „save the world“, because in reality it always starts with us, or specifically, what we do in the bathroom, in our hygiene and what we put in our bodies. It would be great if you could support us in our efforts

and of course there’s something in it for you too! In other words, we would just like to leave out anything that is non-essential and ultimately to throw away less. For example, we don’t use questionable ingredients or substances that often don’t do what they promise. More importantly conventional shower gels or shampoos consist of up to 70% water. This then needs to be treated and transported, thus polluting the environment and the C02 balance. We can confidently do without this. This is what makes our products consistently different. 100% derived from natural origin raw materials and ingredients, vegan and developed without animal testing. And since less is always more, we have compressed these natural ingredients into innovative tablets.

Best of all, we avoid using plastic packaging, this means no more tubes, bottles, cans, and jars, which adds up to less plastic waste for everyone. So, our biodegradable packaging not only leaves you with a clear conscience, but the combination of ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, chamomile and other natural components also provides more natural freshness, from head to toe: shampoo tablets for hair, shower tablets for women and men as well as tablets with and without fluoride for dental and oral hygiene. So you will be well taken care of, at home and when travelling. We’ve also come up with an all-new design. We think it will suit you too, of course! It‘s not more we are after, it’s LESS!



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