Ben&Anna Soap bag


  • perfect for soap scraps
  • made of hemp fibers
  • facilitates lathering
  • plastic-free

Delivery Time: approx. 2-3 working days

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Simple and small is the new BEN&ANNA soap bag – a true multi-talent. It holds a bar of Love Soap and ensures that the Love Soap can be hung up in it and therefore dry optimally.

It can also be filled with soap scraps, which usually lie in soap dishes or stick to the dish and are no longer really suitable for washing due to their small size, but are still too good to throw away.

In addition, the BEN&ANNA soap bag is ideal for showering and foaming up with it, because the Love Soaps foam up perfectly in the bag. The sisal structure of the bag also provides a skin peeling while showering and frees the skin from dead skin cells.

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