BEN&ANNA Cloud dispenser

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Sustainable foam soap dispenser for the production of soap foam from the BEN&ANNA Handwolke soap tablets

  • refillable & durable
  • noble & handy design
  • free of PEGs, phthalates or microplastics
  • supports Ocean Cleaning
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Zero waste in the bathroom is so easy! With the BEN&ANNA cloud dispenser, you can now easily conjure up your own sustainable soap foam – as fine as a cloud. All you need are the matching Handwolke soap tablets and water. Both together, in combination with the special cloud dispenser pump mechanism, result in a fine-pored soap foam that is wonderfully soft on the hand and not only cleans your hands mildly, but also cares for them sustainably with every wash.  The cloud dispenser was designed to be particularly sustainable and durable:  Noble amber glass and robust stainless steel are functionally well thought out, lie easily in the hand and offer you an equally environmentally conscious and noble design. With the BEN&ANNA Cloud Dispenser, from now on you have it in your own hands to come a little closer to the goal of “Zero Waste in the Bathroom” together with us, day after day.

Fill 100ml of warm water into the BEN&ANNA cloud dispenser. Add one BEN&ANNA Hand Cloud tablet and wait until the tablet is completely dissolved. IMPORTANT: Close the screw cap only after the tablet has dissolved (after about 20 minutes). Shake the soap dispenser briefly afterwards. Small tip: If soap residue should settle over time, then simply shake the dispenser again.

Amber glass, stainless steel

Weight 0.280 kg
Dimensions 7 × 8.5 × 17 cm
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