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The perfect complement to any Love Soap

Simple and small is the new BEN&ANNA soap bag - a true multi-talent. It holds a piece of Love Soap and ensures that the Love Soap can be hung up in it and thus be optimally dried. The Ben&Anna soap bag is not only for optimal storage, but can also be used during the "washing process". Put the soap in the bag, tie it tightly, moisten it with warm water and then knead it. The friction on the fibers of the Ben&Anna soap bag makes the soap foam better and is easier to spread.


Natural cleaning from head to toe

Solid Shower and Shampoo Combinations

With our solid shampoo and shower combos of the Love Soap series you are ideally refreshed and perfectly nourished from head to toe! With sensual oriental scent of the variety "Oriental Magic" or grounding scent of cedar wood of the variety "Elmswood", the Love Soaps are a feast for your senses and your body. Discover your new "one-for-all" favorite now!


Step by step to beautiful hair

Solid shampoo

Clean and nourish your hair sustainably with our solid shampoo "Lemongrass" of the Love Soap series! The scent of lemongrass pampers your senses and selected natural ingredients give your hair shine and softness.


A bit of love for your hair

Our solid conditioner

Give your hair natural shine and softness with our solid conditioner "Very Berry" of the Love Soap series! The fruity berry scent treats your senses and nourishing ingredients such as cacao butter and castor oil care for your hair sustainably. More love for your hair and for the environment!


For sustainable hair wash

Shampoo tablets

Whether traveling or at home - our sustainable shampoo tablets care for your hair and bring it into natural shape! Olive oil and nourishing extract from the acacia tree gives your hair more structure and shine. Get the "less waste hair wash" in tab form now!