Discover our sustainable body care

With our Less Waste alternatives for shower gel, shampoo, soap and hand cream, you clean and care for your body from head to toe in a completely natural way.

Now easily make your own shower gel

Our new shower gel flakes

With our new vegan & sustainably packaged BEN&ANNA shower gel flakes you can easily make your own shower gel. The content of the shower gel flakes of 2x20g is enough for 400ml shower gel. Four different scents enliven your senses: Fruit Fusion, Blue Basil, Mint&Lemon & Sweet Floral. There is something for everyone.

P.S. Our shower gel dispenser for making shower gel from BEN&ANNA shower gel flakes makes it even easier for you to live truly sustainably. Of course it is reusable and saves two plastic shower gel bottles per shower gel pack.

Natural care for skin and hair

Our solid Shower & Shampoo combos

Everything from one source - With our solid shower and shampoo combos of the Love Soap series you are ideally refreshed and perfectly maintained from head to toe! With sensual oriental scent of the variety "Oriental Magic" or grounding scent of cedar wood of the variety "Elmswood", the Love Soaps are a feast for your senses and your body. Discover your new "one-for-all-favorite" now!



Sustainable and environmentally friendly

BEN&ANNA Cloud Dispenser


Our foam soap dispenser for making soap foam from BEN&ANNA Handwolke soap tablets now makes it even easier for you to live truly sustainably.

It's as simple as this: Fill 100ml of warm water into the BEN&ANNA cloud dispenser. Add one BEN&ANNA hand cloud tablet and wait until the tablet has completely dissolved.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Soap tablets

Make your hand cloud of soap tablets & the cloud dispenser:

First a tablet, then a feather-light, nourishing cloud of fine soap foam - that's our hand cloud. With our hand cloud soap tablets and the BEN&ANNA cloud dispenser, you can now easily make your own sustainable soap at home. Good for you and good for the planet!


Refreshing cleaning and care


Whether traveling or at home - our sustainable shower tablets are for natural cleaning and care from head to toe! Olive oil, citrus and freshwater algae extracts moisturize your skin and maintain its natural barrier function. Find your new favorite in mild "Velvet" or refreshing "Aqua"!


Care and moisture in the glass

Hand cream

Put an end to dry and stressed hands! Our hand creams provide intensive moisture with almond or avocado oil and yet are absorbed quickly. For natural cared hands that can be seen day after day!