Natural Soda Deodorant

Natural fragrances serve as our inspiration! That‘s why we at Ben&Anna have developed a product series especially for body care that consciously avoids things you don’t need and ultimately gives you more. We have done away with questionable ingredients such as aluminium salts and because we are always thinking about the bigger picture, we have replaced commonly used plastic materials with FSC certified and easily recyclable paper tubes. For our deodorants, we rely on the effectiveness of purely natural baking soda and its germ fighting and deodorising properties. Combined with fresh essence, this results in a fragrant vegan product, developed with no animal testing. You have the choice: from the scents of Provence to the fruity aromas of the Orient, it’s all 100% natural. Our entire product range is infused with one clear message: less plastic waste, more nature. In this way, together we can make a sustainable contribution to a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment. Thanks to our natural deodorants in colourful paper tubes, your natural radiance and fresh scent will follow you wherever you go.


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