Our Persian Lime deodorant cream was awarded by ÖKO-TEST

We have reason to celebrate, because our Persian Lime deodorant cream was awarded “very good” in the current ÖKO-TEST.

How does the ÖKO-TEST rating actually work?

In the current issue, 30 deodorant creams were tested. The focus of the tests was on controversial ingredients such as PEG/PEG derivatives, environmentally harmful plastic compounds and hormone-suspected preservatives, allergenic fragrances, controversial organohalogen compounds and problematic mineral oil components.

Thanks to the effectiveness of purely natural sodium bicarbonate, which naturally reduces germs and bacteria and prevents the formation of smell, you are reliably protected from wetness and odor. In our deodorant creams, only finely ground sodium bicarbonate is used, so that the light, creamy texture is absorbed without leaving any residues. Combined with nourishing shea butter and valuable plant oils, you can treat your underarm skin to a delicate, creamy deodorant consistency that is neither greasy nor sticky.

Due to the completely sustainable packaging in the recyclable tin can, our deodorant cream is not only a vegan and natural, but also a plastic-free alternative to conventional deodorants.

With the purchase of each deodorant you support social projects that help to reduce plastic waste in the oceans and in our world. Good for the environment, good for you! Choose the natural deodorant that works now and enjoy the revitalizing freshness of Persian Lime in an incomparably soft-melting cream form!

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