Our new natural deodorants in the sustainable paper tubes

We at BEN&ANNA will not stand still! We focus on fresh ideas and the continuous improvement of our products. This has inspired us to create a new collection of six modern natural deodorants. These offer an improved, creamier formula in an even more colorful, handy and still plastic-free packaging. The new Papertube deodorants – just like their previous series, deliberately avoid questionable ingredients and still reliably protect against wetness and odor.

We rely on the effective power of purely natural natron, which naturally reduces germs and bacteria and therefore prevents the formation of odors. Combined with skin-caring shea butter, plant oils and the natural fragrances of essential oils, we have once again created a naturally effective deodorant set and a unique facet of freshness. The choice is yours: from cheerfully fresh citrus notes to spicy-aromatic compositions to unusual tropical or woody-strong fragrances, your new favorite is guaranteed to be there!

Despite all the innovation and new developments, our mission remains: We want less plastic waste and more naturalness in care products. That’s why our new Papertube deodorants also come in completely recyclable FSC-certified cardboard packaging and are 100% vegan, certified natural cosmetics. In this way, together we are making a sustainable contribution to a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment. Thanks to our improved natural deodorants in an even more modern look, your natural charisma and your fresh scent will come out even better and go down well everywhere.