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We can answer this question with a decisive yes. Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant uses the natural effect of bicarbonate of soda.

Yes, the ingredient Maranta Arundinacea root powder or arrowroot for short, ensures that excess moisture is absorbed and that the armpit feels dry.

The first attempts at making Ben & Anna were indeed by hand and in our kitchen at home. However, since production is legally prescribed to be carried out under strict hygienic conditions (which is good), Ben and Anna is now mass-produced in a certified factory for natural products.

Yes, Ben & Anna is certified by NATRUE.

The term cruelty free emphasises that we as manufacturers do not carry out any animal tests on our products or have any animal tests carried out by others.

We are currently working hard to make Ben & Anna commercially available as well. So far, the following commercial partners are carrying our range:

Yes of course. We, Ben & Anna, are real! We still live a strictly vegan lifestyle. Since we have now become parents, we have left the big city of Berlin and returned to Anna´s hometown, Kassel, in northern Hesse. It is quieter here and the air is cleaner than in Berlin. The optimal living conditions for raising our children. Though we do miss the big city a bit.

We at Ben&Anna have been on the search for many years, and we were first inspired by living in Berlin. We are now settled in the Hessian countryside, our home. We started this search by asking ourselves: how are we living now … and how do we want to live? The answers were relatively simple & clear: sustainable, vegan, and plastic free. We are committed to this end, without being preachy. We would rather stimulate, convince and inspire others. We have a committed and motivated team behind us, carrying our ideas forward and ready to support you …we are all Ben&Anna!

Use our shop finder to find a dealer near you, or order directly from our shop.

We at Ben&Anna consider ourselves a part of a larger community. Together we are committed to reaching environmental goals, realising various projects and supporting global initiatives. Fortunately, there is now a vast array of choices and a growing movement. As an ecologically oriented company, we are always looking for like-minded others who stand out and with whom we can make a difference.

Yes, because all our products are certified natural cosmetics and contain no questionable ingredients.

If you are having trouble pushing out the contents of the tube, we recommend heating them to over 25 degrees for a short time to  activate the stick. If the consistency is too dry, we recommended you apply the stick to wet skin, e.g. directly after showering, or to slightly moisten the stick itself.   

The paper sleeves of the deodorants are made of FSC-certified paper. A very thin coating of PLA (biodegradable) foil prevents the contents from drying out.   

The packing of our tab-series is certified “ok to compost”.

We recommend disposal via the residual waste bin, the organic waste bin or the waste paper bin (only after empty).

We can answer this question with a resounding yes. Ben&Anna Natural Soda Deodorant works with the natural power of baking soda, also known as bicarbonate. Our Sensitive series contains no bicarbonate but rather relies on zinc ricinoleate for its reliable protection against odor-causing bacteria.

We recommend applying the deodorant only very thinly, 1-2 strokes under each arm are enough. In this way, possible stains caused by the shea butter inside can be prevented.  If a stain does appear, it can be easily removed with bile soap.

Ben&Anna deos have a shelf-life of at least 24 months and should be stored in a dry and cool (below 25 degrees) place.

Ben&Anna Soda Deos reliably prevent sweat by using the ingredient sodium bicarbonate.  For people with particularly sensitive skin we recommend our “Sensitive” deodorants, which are based on zinc ricinoleate.

Ben&Anna’s deodorant cream, unlike the sticks, is applied under the arms by hand, which is why it is softer and smoother in consistency. But it works in the same way.

Should the bamboo spatula be missing, please let us know. Alternatively, you can use any other small spoon or dip the toothbrush directly into the jar. 

Our dental care products in a jar have a shelf-life of at least 24 months. They should be used within 6 months after opening. The jars should be stored in a dry place at room temperature. We recommend wiping the threads of the jar regularly with a cloth to remove residues and avoid oxidation under the lid.

Not yet. We recommend using them for decoration, for storage, or filling with your beautiful things…there are no limits to creativity! The jars however can be disposed of in the glass container and the lids in the yellow bin.  

White toothpaste: 450 ppm

Orange toothpaste: 320 ppm

Strawberry toothpaste: 500ppm

White: RDA 75

Black:   RDA 82

Sensitive: RDA 71

White with Fluoride: RDA 75

Orange with Fluoride: RDA 75

Activated carbon is one of the oldest known remedies. Due to its adsorption capacity, it can easily bind substances and is therefore ideally suited for the lasting and gentle removal of dental plaque.

Please send us an email to

In this case please send us an email with your order number and in case of payment by credit card also your bank details.

No, I’m afraid it cannot. If you wish to make changes, please contact us by email, stating your order number. If the order is not yet on its way, we can help you.

In the course of your order you will automatically receive a tracking number with which you can easily and conveniently follow the progress of your shipment yourself.

Please send us an email with your company address. We will then provide you with all necessary information.


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