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People paying attention to their body care and physical appearance are said to have advantages in many parts of private and public life. But what do well-groomed hair, a tiny bit of makeup and a nice perfume help you if your deodorant is a flop and sweat stains become visible under your armpits? Jesus! For many people, a scenario like this is absolutely horrible. Because people who really pay attention to their hygiene do not show sweat stains, do they? At least one thing is for sure: The way we think about natural, normal transpiration has already become abnormal.

Effectiveness – the criterion of quality?!

In order to hide the tiny little traces of sweat, people use the most creative methods ranging from self-made sage tea to antiperspirants containing a high dose of aluminium. While some still favour aluminous antiperspirants, however, health-conscious consumers try to explore new avenues: they keep a balanced diet and prefer natural deodorants.

When it comes to reducing ones transpiration, the most important criterion is effectiveness. And natural deodorants simply cannot keep up with conventional ones, most people think. But, that’s wrong! A natural deodorant, in fact, can be as effective as a conventional one. Those who want to change over to a natural deodorant just need to be patient, because their body might need time to adapt to the natural formula. Therefore, it may take a couple of weeks until the new deodorant takes effect.

Why choosing a natural deodorant?

or many people, the daily deodorant is as important as their cup of tea in the morning. But only very few are really interested in the true ingredients of their favourite deodorant, what its formula is based on and why it smells so pleasantly. In fact, many of the ingredients which are used in conventional products are said to affect peoples’ health in a negative manner. Allegedly, some of them might even raise the risk of developing cancer. Particularly questionable are ingredients such as parabens, aluminium, synthetics and several emulsifiers. And yet, people can easily avoid them – by choosing a natural deodorant.

Natural deodorants are based on natural ingredients only and therefore do not jeopardise peoples’ health. Since they do not contain any preservatives, they are also a lot more skin-friendly and cause less skin irritations than conventional cosmetics. While conventional deodorants may cause allergies and other bodily reactions due to their ingredients, a natural deodorant is far more kind to the skin and causes significantly less allergies. Especially in the long run, a natural deodorant therefore is the better choice.

However, there are a lot more reasons to take a closer look at natural cosmetics during the next shopping tour. In contrast to many other products, natural deodorants are guaranteed free from aluminium. And that’s effective! Indeed, the solution does not always need to be aluminium, if you want to avoid unpleasant sweat stains during hot summer days or your daily workout. Even natural deodorants can do that. If you want to be on the absolutely safe side, however, you should look for products containing arrowroot extracts and bicarbonate. These ingredients absorb wetness and can keep your armpits free from unpleasant stains.

In order to give your health a treat, you should definitely try a natural deodorant. Because one thing we know for sure: it does not always have to be aluminium. Even natural deodorants can effectively protect you from odour and wetness – you just have to be a little patient.

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