long-term deodorant protection based on the power of nature

long-term deodorant protection based on the power of nature

Everyone knows it: the challenge of finding a new deodorant. Usually, it’s the simple fact that our deodorant at home is empty which gives us the idea of trying something different. Sometimes, however, it’s also a vague feeling of change, the desire for a new fragrance or a new debate about one of these controversial ingredients. And, here we go: standing in front of the shelves, we take a look around the numerous products. There’s the deodorant which used to be the girls’ favourite in 7th and 8th grade. And there’s the one I know from all these TV ads. This must be the new bestseller among the gymnastics-mommies. At least, I recognize its design. The label says it smells fresh and feminine – suggesting that it was the only deodorant which is promoted with these features. Honestly, how about something really special? A new formula, maybe a natural deodorant. Something non-mainstream.< /p>

The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose Indeed,

finding the right deodorant is not easy. Especially when not only its fragrance and effectiveness should to be convincing, but also its ingredients. Therefore a natural deodorant would be a very good choice. However, most of the drug stores actually offer the same selection of products: the same brands, the same fragrances, the same ingredients. And, of course, mainly conventional cosmetic products. Although the demand for natural deodorants is rising, drug stores still sell only very few products. Consequently, finding a good, natural deodorant may turn into quite a challenge.

Yet, a natural deodorant is probably the best choice for your health. Especially in terms of ingredients many conventional cosmetic products meet with criticism. Popular outrage is not only the caused due to parabens but also synthetic flavours contained in certain conventional cosmetics. Indeed, the issue of controversial ingredients has developed into a long-burning issue affecting various cosmetic fields and thus opened the door for numerous natural cosmetics such as natural deodorants, crèmes and shampoos.

The hitch? In comparison tests, most of these natural cosmetics lag far behind conventional cosmetic products, so that the majority of people continue to view these products with scepticism. But, there’s no need to worry. The reason for this is simple: as soon as our body has become used to the formula of conventional cosmetics, it takes a while until it adapts and reacts to the new, natural formula. Therfore it’s only logical that the natural deodorant doesn’t provide the same effectiveness at first. But, that doesn’t mean that it reneges on its promise. We just need to be a little patient .

<<Ben&Anna: A natural deodorant which is truly convincing <>With Ben&Anna, a unique deodorant series, which is based on vegan ingredients of natural origin only also keeps its promise with respect to effectiveness, has now been brought to market. Its formula is based on natural bicarbonate and the power of arrow root extracts that keep your armpits free from wetness. But, also its consistency is convincing. In contrast to other natural deodorants, Ben&Anna doesn’t crumble and doesn’t leave any residues.

Last but not least, it is available in four different fragrances and can equally be used by men and women. So, if you want to stop worrying about your loves’ health, choose this very special natural deodorant next time. I can only recommend it.


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