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Deodorant, eye shadow, shampoo or make-up: many cosmetic products are based on ingredients which may not only be dangerous to health but also environmentally harmful. Deodorant, eye shadow, shampoo or make-up: many cosmetic products are based on ingredients which may not only be dangerous to health but also environmentally harmful. As a result many consumer advice centres in Europe have been warning against several parabens, synthetics as well as against antiperspirants containing aluminium aluminium . At the same time, however, the findings resulting from these experiments are highly controversial and alternative cosmetic products, such as natural deodorants without aluminium, are said to be less effective – a huge dilemma for consumers who are unwilling to compromise on health and effectiveness.

Ben&Anna: A natural deodorant without aluminium Yet,

in order to stay healthy and to avoid pollution, more and more people start using natural cosmetics. Especially natural deodorants without aluminium, such as Ben&Anna, happened to become bestsellers. These particular deodorants are based on ingredients of natural origin only and are free of aluminium. In fact, using a deodorant which does not contain any aluminium has already become a matter of conviction for many people and reflects the more deliberate way of living they have chosen. One of the most vital reasons for this is often seen in the ongoing debate concerning the negative effects of aluminium salts and the risks to health that go along with them. While deodorants without aluminium are absolutely harmless, aluminous antiperspirants may reportedly raise the risk of developing Alzheimer disease and breast cancer. Despite the fact that unambiguous research findings are still lacking and scientists have failed to prove the assertion, however, many people have already decided not to take any risks and choose a natural deodorant which is free of aluminium.

Natural protection without compromises

This is exactly how Ben&Anna started. Their brand is not only known for its highly effective deodorant, but for a more deliberate way of life, ingredients of natural origins and vegan cosmetics. In other words: choosing Ben&Anna means making a statement, praising nature and living more consciously. And the best about it: no compromising on effectiveness. The deodorant effectively neutralizes odor and wetness. While bicarbonate reduces odor, arrow root extracts helps to prevent underarm wetness. So, obviously it does not always have to be an aluminous deodorant – even natural deodorants without aluminium may help to neutralize odor and wetness. The power of nature should not be underestimated.

This means: with the help of natural deodorants, people can easily win back their self-confidence. The new sense of life that comes along with this has often been described as doubly relieving. On the one hand, people enjoy the deodorant’s reliable protection, the sense of freedom, and the feeling to be able to do everything they like without having to fear sweating. On the other hand, they sense the notion of actually doing something good for their health as extremely comforting.

A clean conscience is a good pillow

The fact that Ben&Anna does not make use of aluminium salts at all and is based on natural-origin, vegan ingredients only, is convincing in more than one respect. Using such a natural deodorant means to have a clear conscience regarding one’s own health as well as regarding the environment. Ben&Anna offers you a more conscious way of living and reliable deodorant protection thanks to its naturally effective formula.

Natural protection without aluminium
long-term deodorant protection based on the power of nature

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