Ben&Anna goes Startnext!

To find the right deodorant is not easy. Especially, when you’re mindful and prefer to use products based on natural ingredients. Ben and Anna thought so too and so they came up with their own deodorant: vegan, and, of course,

based on natural ingredients only.

Who are Ben and Anna?

Ben and Anna are a strictly vegan and mindful living couple from Berlin. They love nature and, after they had spent the first 25 years of their lives in the metropolis, they decided to move to a quieter place in the countryside, to Northern Hesse. Although both of them enjoyed the advantages of growing up at the heart of Germany, they finally realized that they had been caught up in the maelstrom of big city life and were now ready for a change. Looking back, it was Anna who began to question their lifestyle and took a great interest in health and lifestyle issues.

“At some point, you simply lose track of what is actually contained in which products”, Anna says.

“Besides, the labeling is often complicated and not very transparent. That is very frustrating, especially for those of us who are particularly concerned with health and environmental issues for example.” What Ben and Anna found particularly alarming, however, was the ongoing debate on aluminous deodorants and breast cancer. Since they had both used deodorants on an almost daily basis, they spent a long time looking for a deodorant which met their expectations.

Natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty free were their criteria. After several months of fruitless searching, they sat down at the kitchen table: “Of course, we were disappointed. At the same time, however, we knew that we had to do something about it. And, well, this is why we came up with our own series”, Ben recollects. A unique deodorant The result is a completely new kind of deodorant which is based on natural bicarbonate and completely vegan. For Ben and Anna, this is a true matter of the heart: a deodorant, which does not cause you any discomfort, is based solely on natural ingredients and parabens, but still regulates transpiration.

A benefit that makes Ben and Anna particularly proud: “Of course, natural cosmetics and deodorants had already been on the market before.

But they either didn’t help regulating transpiration or they had slight to medium deficiencies in application. That’s different with Ben&Anna.” And they are right. Ben&Anna is neither sticky nor greasy and does not crumble. Besides, the mixture of bicarbonate, arrowroot extracts and shea butter protects you against moisture and odor. Solely with the power of nature and without any chemicals – a slice of heaven for mindful people like Ben and Anna. Today, Ben and Anna think back to a time full of effort and joy. “We put a lot of time and effort into our little project. It took us a while until we were really satisfied with the results – particularly with regard to the different fragrances.

But in the end our patience and diligence paid off. It’s an incredible feeling when you realize that you’ve been able to improve our life on this planet by something so ordinary, almost trivial. It’s just amazing”, Ben outlines. Drawing on this, the point of all this is not even the couple’s vegan lifestyle: “We don’t want to force our lifestyle onto other people. There are many reasons to use a natural deodorant instead of a conventional one. The most important aspect for us is that with our deodorant we can actually help other people to live a bit more healthily than before. Whether these people are vegan or not, is not the point here.” – An honest answer which clearly reflects Ben and Anna’s overall critical awareness regarding health and lifestyle issues. In other words: their way of thinking makes them social role models. And still, Ben and Anna cannot help but admit how delighted they would be after all, if they succeeded in making the world a little more vegan. We take our hat off to so much openness, loyalty and commitment. Thanks you very much, Ben and Anna, for all your efforts and this absolutely amazing deodorant.

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