Ben & Anna Natural Care- Our vegan toothpaste tablets

Ben & Anna Natural Care- Our vegan toothpaste tablets

Brushing your teeth naturally is nowadays a “state of the art” thing. On one side it is all about “using less” on the other side, those Ingredients for a perfect natural smile, need also to be effective. With our new toothpaste tablets, we have created the perfect combination of both. We are free from  microplastics, triclosan, phthalates, peroxides and parabens on one hand…..

Vegan toothpaste tablets – the right mix decides

…..and on the other hand we use great ingredients, which are vegan and 100% of natural origin. Especially in nature you can find a remedy for everything. We have tried out a lot for our toothpaste tablets and in the end we found the right “blend” that can effectively support your natural dental care and  dental health. With our toothpaste tablets you can choose whether you want an additional fluoride component – or not, both variations are available.

A  natural alternative to an average toothpaste

Our toothpaste tablets contain valuable natural ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, yeast and selected plant extracts of acacia and mint. An additional vitamin B12 component can help to prevent  deficiencies. As simple as our composition is, as simple is the application. Chew one tablet briefly in your mouth, then brush your teeth for about two minutes with the paste which develops when chewing the tablet. Rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards. That’s it! You can complete your dental care with our mouthwashtablet. In no time, one tablet turns into a refreshing, vegan mouthwash – completely alcohol-free. Valuable ingredients and plant extracts provide a lasting antibacterial effect – and you can enjoy a fresh breath throughout the day.

Less waste – Make your bathroom more plastic-free!

Our paperbags are free of ordinary plastic, this is why we mostly use paper to wrap our tablets. From the inside we use a thin layer of a biodegradable foil which protects our tablets from moisture from the outside. Furthermore we do offer our tablets in a bulk for the growing community of zero-waste stores all around the globe. Less waste is good for us and our environment. With our compact toothpaste tablets you are perfectly equipped even on the road. Start your day plastic-free!



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