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Besides the usual cosmetics and deodorants, dozens of natural cosmetic products recently hit the shelves. Since then, these natural cosmetics have become more and more popular, allegedly because conventional cosmetic products are still under suspicion of containing controversial ingredients. However, manufacturers have learned something: nowadays, more and more natural deodorants are brought to market. And there is more to it than that. Especially natural cosmetics producers attempt to promote their products by using an additional selling point such as “vegan”. But what does it really stand for?

Vegan – What does that mean?

While people have still been debating allegedly questionable ingredients in deodorants, numerous labels and seals have been established in order to differentiate between natural cosmetics. Some of them, however, are not that easy for consumers to conceive. The selling point “vegan” is one of them.

Pottering around the pedestrian area looking for a vegan deodorant, you will soon find that, in fact, there is a vast number of different seals to differentiate between natural cosmetics. They all stand for allegedly vegan cosmetics. However, depending on the certifying institution, they may differ in transparency and clarity. Two very reliable seals definitely are the so-called V-Label, introduced by the European Vegetarian Union, and the vegan flower, established by the Vegan Society England and which also labels Ben&Anna. Products which are certified accordingly are absolutely vegan, that is the products as well as the production process are free from any animals or animal-derived ingredients. A vegan deodorant like Ben&Anna which is labelled with the vegan flower is also cruelty free, meaning not tested on animals.

Go vegan: why choosing a vegan deodorant?

People who decided to live a vegan life did so deliberately. Being a vegan does not only mean to live without meat and eggs, it also involves aspects of animal welfare. Ethically motivated vegans for example only choose clothes or cosmetics which are certified vegan and cruelty free. In short: their consumer behaviour is marked by strong animal welfare awareness. And this also involves using a vegan deodorant, of course. Using a vegan deodorant is as important to them as living without animal source foods. Those who do not want animals to suffer for the sake of human body care consequently choose a vegan deodorant, too. However, what many people do not seem to know is that even vegan deodorants can protect you from sweat and scent effectively.

Hence, from this point of view there is no reason for the scepticism regarding vegan cosmetics and deodorants. If you pay additional attention to the seals by the European Vegetarian Union or the Vegan Society England when you shop, you will definitely be on the safe side and you can have a clean conscience towards our animal fellows.

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