20.05.2022 is World Bee Day!

On this day, we celebrate the furry little friends to whom we owe a lot. Because a world without bees is unthinkable.

The importance of bees as pollinators for biodiversity and food security is incredibly important to humanity, which is why the United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed May 20 as World Bee Day.

In doing so, the United Nations, underscores the recognition of the decline in the global bee population and the urgent need to protect bees.

Why are the bees dying?

There is an enormous bee mortality worldwide. However, a world without bees is unthinkable for our biodiversity. Ultimately also for our survival, because our food depends on the pollination performance of the bee.


Nesting opportunities for wild bees are becoming increasingly rare as areas are sealed and dead wood is removed. Around 300 of 560 wild bee species are on the red list of endangered species in Germany.


Added to this are the negative effects of monocultures in agriculture. In recent years, the food supply for insects in fields and gardens has declined. Bees can happily do without flowers without nectar and pollen, such as roses and geraniums.


“Plant protection products”, i.e. pesticides, not only affect parasites, but are deadly for bees. This is because they disrupt their orientation and weaken their immune system.

How can I help bees?

Whether in the home, in the garden or on the balcony – with little effort you can easily help bees. These 5 sustainability ideas make it easier for pollinators to find food and nest. From a “wild corner” in the garden to more conscious purchasing decisions in the supermarket, everyone can make an important contribution against insect mortality. You too can become a bee rescuer!